Environmental Policy

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. Chunan branch, as a professional manufacturer of solar cell polycrystalline ingot and wafer with the idea of valuing the occupational environment and safety of employees, conducts according to the occupational Safety and Health Act the safeguard for the employees and contract manufacturers to work in safe and clean surroundings. Units of all levels should offer certain trainings on occupational safety and health management planning and standard procedures so as to effectively control the hazards arising from facilities and surroundings such as electric shock, falls, hypoxia, and accidents caused by hazardous substances. In an effort to create a safety culture and to implement self-management and automatic checks, Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. Chunan branch commits itself as follows to the target of sustainable operation and risk reduction of occupational safety and health. 
1.Obey the laws: to follow the laws and regulations to meet the requirements. 
2.Query and Communication: to be involved with information sharing as personal responsibility. 
3.Risk control: to prevent from predicted harm, injuries and diseases. 
4.Sustain performance: to proceed with performance improvement as to ensure safety and health. 
Make sure to consult with employees and the representatives so that they will have time and resources to participate in activities of the safety and health management system.


ISO 45001:2018
Certificate No.:196466-2016-ASA-RGC-JAS-ANZ
Initial Cerfification Date: 21 March, 2019          Valid: 11 March, 2019 ~ 11 March, 2022


ISO 14001:2015
Certificate No.:281279-2018-AE-RGC-UKAS
Initial Cerfification Date: 28 February, 2019          Valid: 11 March, 2019 ~ 11 March, 2022


Precaution of Environment And Labor Safety

SAS sets up specific unit and legislates “Procedure of Occupational Safety, Health and Inspection”, assigning designates staffs to take charge of related events. Content please refer below:
A. Regulation on work
(1) All staffs shall keep health physical and mental status, as well as good sanity.
(2) Through 5S execution
(3) No smoking, betel nuts and liquor in factory
(4) Smoking is only allowed in smoking area and no littering cigarette butts.
(5) Wear protection when handling hazardous materials.
(6) Mark hazardous materials and no breakage.
(7) Set qualified dispensers in factory and regularly exams.
(8) Disinfect whole factory annually
(9) Keep great toilet ventilation
(10) Full observation of 6S
(11) No spitting, littering cigarette butts and trash

B. Employee Safety 
(1) Follow protocol and SOP in every work
(2) Don’t be abrupt when facing no SOP work. One should carefully apply other SOPs or discuss with leaders before execute.
(3) Workers and inspectors should wear helmet with fasten strings when working at over 2 meters heights or falling objects.
(4) Use safe rope when working in open areas with over 2 meters heights.
(5) Set up “danger” signs when power outage. Signs can only be removed when all problems are cleared and employees are off the spot.
(6) Wear personal protections according to different stations. Any danger should be reported immediately.
(7) No chasing, running or anything dangerous while working.
(8) Following instruments and equipments limitations



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