Solar Cell

SAS currently produces both 156 x156 mono and multi solar cell with optional bus bar number for 2 and 3 lines.

SAS has succeeded in developing a composite technology platform that allows the production of industry-leading efficiency solar products on a superior cost per watt basis. This forward looking technology curve has and will continue to yield breakthroughs that pave the way for the introduction of next generation solar cells to drive solar energy to grid parity on a global scale.

SAS has partnered with the world's leading PV research institutions to collaborate in the research, development and commercialization of cutting edge technology initiatives.


The process begins with innovation. The SAS R&D laboratory in Yilan, in conjunction with our international research partners, strives to push the limits of solar cell engineering and constantly seeks new methods of technological enhancement.

Crafting a silicon wafer into a cell that produces maximum clean electricity is a complex charge, requiring close collaboration from the sharpest minds in the fields of chemistry, physics, manufacturing and electronics. SAS approaches each element -- cell design, process engineering, production and feedstock materials, procedure monitoring and quality control -- as an opportunity to improve cell performance and move one step closer to a world powered by solar energy.

Reaching the point where Science meets Art - where true breakthroughs are made – requires an unorthodox approach to overcome conventional thinking and traditional barriers to improvement. This is exactly where SAS excels: our team has spent decades optimizing cell performance. And every improvement, whether it is a significant breakthrough or incremental upgrade, is collected and embedded in each of our products.

The resulting products illustrate our passion: photovoltaic components designed to span decades of clean, affordable energy generation.

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