Stakeholder Engagemnet

SAS pursues positive interaction with stakeholders and make an effort to maintain rights and benefits of every stakeholder through multiple and transparent communication channels.

Investor Relations
SAS establishes contact windows of spokesperson and financial manager with telephone numbers and emails in an attempt to provide materials of financial business and investor conferences with sufficient disclosure.
Spokesperson: C.W. Lee,
Vice President of Corporate Development
TEL: 03-577-2233#2291
Deputy: Olga Chang, Senior Manager
TEL: 03-577-2233#2241

SAS takes quality into consideration by fully understanding customers' needs and strives to fulfill commitment with persistent endeavors for long-term partnership.

Contact person: Mr. Chan#5210
TEL: 03-577-2233

SAS deals with each supplier according to the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles. We invite suppliers to participate in casual associations and conduct audit management so as to secure the suppliers' quality and strengthen the partnership among one another.

Contact person: Ms Chang
TEL: 03-577-2233#3198

SAS takes care of employees with integrity and reasonable, human-based management. Transparent communication channels are established to maintain good relation with employees as well as rights and benefits consistent with Labor Standards Law. Meanwhile, benefits and training are offered for a better understanding of mutual interaction.

Contact person: Ms Chang
TEL: 03-577-2233#2398

Shareholer Services
Contact person: Ms Chen
TEL: 03-577-2233#2250


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