GaN Epitaxial Wafer


Next Generation GaN Power 

and RF Semiconductors

  • GaN promise to be next generation wide bandgap semiconductor for power  and RF application. 
  • GaN HEMT on Si has  high breakdown voltage, high saturation electron velocity, lower Ron, faster switching speed and lower cost.
  • GWC provide various substrate thickness and resistance spec. upon request
  • GWC provide GaN HEMT Epi OEM services
Layer #Material


6 GaN CapThickness and Material upon request
5Barrier AlxGa1-xNThickness and Al% upon request
5AlN spacerThickness upon request
4 GaN ChannelThickness upon request
2HR GaN 
Substrate6” Si (111)Flat length: 57.5 ± 2.5 mm
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