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Products & Technology

SAS is the company with honesty, overcome great challenges, and become well-known business enterprise in the world.Our main business are manufacturing high performance products – solar brick, wafer, solar cell, solar module, and solar system.With vertical integration strategy, SAS is capable of accessing and stretching our business into solar system development.Which has made SAS a professional renewable energy solution provider in solar industry.

High Wafer
High Efficiency Multi Crystalline Wafer
Pseudo Square Mono Crystalline Wafer
Solar Cell
Solar Module

Quality & Services

We translate customers' needs into our internal goals and requirements. Implement and monitor various customer-related quality indicators to meet and exceed customers' expectations.
Customer Satisfaction
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Total Quality Control
Continuous Improvement

Business Group

In an ever competitive market, the whole staff at SAS shall continually develop existing core products by using strictly-monitored R&D processes, and seize a precious opportunity to expedite corporate growth into a diversified and truly global enterprise. With continuously advancing technology, SAS will provide a wide variety of products and comprehensive professional service. SAS will expand its strength worldwide and strive to be the best.