Total Solution to Customer

Wafer Size: 6″
Growth Type: CZ , DSS Casting
Wafer Resistivity: 0.5~3
Wafer Type: high efficiency single crystal wafer, low defect multi crystal wafer, high efficiency mono-like wafer, micro and nano-structured anti-reflective wafer.
High Quality Multi-crystalline Wafer
Black silicon wafer

A++ Multi-wafer / Cell

  • High Cell Efficiency
  • Narrow Cell Efficiency Distribution
  • High Cell Yield

U-grade Multi-wafer / Cell

  • Ultra-High Cell Efficiency
  • Less Grain Boundary and Mono-Like Appearance
  • Be able to apply alkaline Etching Process
Single Crystal Solar Cell
Multi Crystal Solar Cell

Development and Research

SAS keeps focus on developing new generation high efficiency process – PERC process and N type process, devoting in providing high efficiency solar cells to our customers.