Good salary and fair merit, promotion system to respond contribution. Guaranteed payroll of 14 months per year (including Chinese New Year bonus for 1 month, Dragon Boat Festival bonus for 0.5 month, Moon Festival bonus for 0.5 month) and profit distribution for employees.

  • Insurance

Labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance for emplyee and famliy, health examination, condolence, special insurance for business trip

  • Dining

Cafeteria, meal delayed allowance

  • Clothing
  • Transportation

Parking space or parking subsidy

  • Travel

Employee travel allowance

  • Subsidy

Wedding subsidy, birth subsidy, training, retirement plan (pension and retirement benefit), funeral assistance

  • We Care

Care with sincerity

  • Bonus

Overtime pay, full-attendance bonus, annual bonus,birthday allowance

  • Vacation

Weekend of two days, paternity leave, maternity leave, menstruation leave

Retirement Policy

  • Two types for retirement: voluntary and mandatory.

Voluntary retirement:

work over 15 years and reach age 55, or work over 25 years, or work over 10 years and reach age 60.

Mandatory retirement:

staff who reaching age 65 since May 14th, 2008 or being insanity, physically disabled for work, the company can perform mandatory retirement.
  • Years of service calculation: Starting from the date of employment, except military service, and unpaid leave period.
  • The criteria for payment of worker pensions shall be as follows.
The retirement mechanism of the Labor Standards Act:
Two bases are given for each full year of service rendered. But for the rest of the years over 15 years, one base is given for each full year of service rendered. The total number of bases shall be no more than 45. The length of service is calculated as half year when it is less than six months and as one year when it is more than six months. Additional 20% on top of the amount calculated according to the preceding subparagraph shall be given to workers forced to retire due to disability incurred from the execution of their duties.
Labor Pension Act :

Employee is covered by the pension system of the Labor Pension Act after Jul, 1st, 2005.Employee is covered by the retirement mechanism of the Labor Standards Act before Jul, 1st, 2005.

  • Employment after 2005.7 shall be calculated according to new system. (Employer shall allocate 6% of salary into personal account in Bureau of Labor Insurance.)

Training and Development

To improve employee’s quality and Skills,

we have a comprehensive training system for employees to explore their potential and professions.

Friendly Workplace

  • Body–Mind Balance

Employees’ health is an essential factor of maintaining work-life balance and being productive at work. By multiple health care methods and health promotion activities, SAS creates a healthy and friendly workplace for employees.

  • Professional Health Care

SAS sets up health care center at each site, recruits specialized nurses, and provides monthly occupational medicine clinic in the company to offer complete health care service and guard employees’ health as a responsibility of the corporate.

  • Peaceful and Happy Workplace

An enjoyable workplace could not only enhance employees’ joy at work but promote their working efficiency. SAS places an high value on providing a pleasing and safe working environment for all employees. Therefore, we formulate the workplace violence prevention policy to protect everyone’s safety, physical and mental health.

  • File a Grievance of Workplace Violence
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