Customer Services

  • Customer Satisfaction
Transform customers’ expectations into company’s internal goals and requirements and fulfill with dedication. Execute and monitor every quality index to meet or even exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Total Quality Control

Initiate and require all quality persionnel to participate and involve in quality control, co-work together and achieve customer satisfactory.

  • Fulfill Customer Requirement

Establish perfect quality managemnet system, adhere to strict criteria in order to meet the law, regulation, agreement and technical specification including the needs of potential customers comprehensively.

  • Continuous Improvement

Following continuous improvement principle and through real-time analysis and evaluation to identify area of improvement. Elevate Key Performance Index and capability to enhance competitiveness.

  • Rigorous Inspection and Control

In compliance with universal standards, strict sampling on all products.

Wafer oxygen and carbon content analysis (FTIR)
Wafer lifetime detector (PCD)
Ingot lifetime detector (u-PCD)
Ingot resistivity / NP Type detector
Wafer resistivity tester
Wafer test separator
Solar Cell
晶圓 檢驗分選機
Wafer Inspection sorter
Integration Sphere
Spectroscopic Reflectometer
Solar Cell
Through measurement system analysis (MSA) to ensure the stability and accuracy of the measurement system according to IEC reliability international standard specifications (such as: thermal cycle test, hot spot test…), verify all products with rigorous sampling method.
The Cell Reliability Project Contains
LID test, PID test, Thermal cycle test, Hot spot test, Water cooking test, pull test…etc.
  • COP(Customer-Oriented Procedure) Quality Management

SAS possesses integral customer-oriented procedure to control product quality.

  • Complete Customer Service System

SAS possesses complete customer service system, including analyser and technique for troubleshooting.

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. Yilan Branch has a complete customer complaint handling process, including cross-departmental professional teams and 8D problem analysis capabilities, defining the causes of defects, providing temporary countermeasures, implementing corrective measures and permanent countermeasures, preventing recurrence and effectively confirming the settlement. To solve the problem of the client as soon as possible by continuous improvement, keep progressing, and provide excellent products to customers.

  • 8D Problem Analysis

D1: Using team approach
D2: Describe the problem
D3: Implement and verify interim containment actions
D4: Define & verify the root cause
D5: Choose & verify corrective actions
D6: Implement permanent corrective actions
D7: Preventive recurrence
D8: Congratulation the team

  • Quality Management System Certificate Granted on 2007/12/11
ISO 9001
ISO 9001
  • MIT Certificatation for Solar Cell

In order to assist domestic traditional industries to improve product quality and to create a ″safe, healthy and trustworthy″ image of Taiwanese products, the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs(IDB) promotes the Taiwanese MIT Smile Product Verification System and provides consumers with a trustworthy ″pure Taiwanese manufactured product″. Identify the stamp. Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. Yilan Branch’s products  has successfully passed MIT certification in 2019/5, it will be more competitive in the module industry and more competitive in domestic and foreign markets in the future.

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