Corporate Responsibility Practice

SAS has adhered to the business philosophy of “Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, and Service” since its 

inception. The company is fully committed towards a win-win-win vision, which are growing together with customers,

pursuing excelsior with, and creating value for shareholders. Amid dedication to sustainable corporate management,

SAS does not forget social responsibilities carried on its shoulders as well as creating sustainable values for economic

growth, environmental protection, and social progress.

Rising Revenues and Sustainable Governance

In 2019, global solar industry was impacted by the trade tension in between China and US plus the new solar energy
subsidy policy from China government. These factors made the poly-crystalline market, which was originally under

downturn and turbulence, even weaker. Influenced by the trend of mono-crystal and declined market price, domestic 

solar energy companies faced severe survival challenges and successively turned to domestic sales in response to the 

policy. Some companies even conducted asset activation and sought for transformation by capital reduction or 


SAS recognized a loss of NT$4.35 billion for the liabilities of onerous contract in Q2 2019. Though it had made huge 

impact on the business performance, the gross profit and revenue still reached all-time high in history against all odds with the joint efforts from all colleagues and the strong contribution to from the subsidiary, GlobalWafers.

  1. Consolidated revenue of NT$ 65.51 billion, a decrease of 5% from the previous year; but still hit the second highest
  2. Operating income of NT$ 13.515 billion, year over year rate of 2.5%.
  3. EPS of NT$ 3.86, an increase of NT$0.5 from the previous year of NT$3.36.
  4. Ranking in the top 5% of all TPEx-listed companies in six consecutive corporate governance appraisals.

SAS has a leading competitive edge in the field of PERC mono-crystal cell efficiency and will continue to develop
advanced technologies, simplify product types, and develop low-cost high-efficiency cells to maintain its market 

competitiveness. In recent years, great emphasis has been laid on the issue of global climate change. Green power has become future energy trend. With the strong promotion of green energy policies from Taiwan government, we can 

expect a continuous growth in the establishment of solar power plant in Taiwan this year. Meanwhile, SAS has 

proactively developed solar power station and built smart electric grids to accelerate the enhancement of business
profit performance. Regarding corporate governance, SAS constantly refine its performance to strengthen the
commitment of pursuing the sustainable management.


Forward-Looking and Industry-Leading Technologies

The SAS R&D team is fully committed to the development of high-efficiency products with high added value. In 2018,
the poly-crystalline silicon wafer process was converted from Slurry to DW to enhance productivity and minimize
environmental pollution. N-type mono crystalline cells reached 22.7% in efficiency in mid-2019 and reached maximum
23.0% in its efficiency. SAS announced the latest N-type batteries in the Product Launch Event during shareholders’
meeting. The P-type mono crystalline cells reached 22.3% in average efficiency in 2019. As for the development of
new products, New-generation Mono-Crystalline Busbar-less and Metal-Wrap-Through PERC successfully began mass
production. In addition, SAS is also actively promoting deployment of patents for key technologies and accelerated
development of the company’s core technologies, and titled with a total of 274 patent certificationsworldwide. SAS
stepped in the field of silicon material application products and applications with its profound technology foundation
and rich experiences in R&D during the recession of global solar energy market. SAS will continue to develop its R&D
capabilities with the determination to advanced technologies and high-performance diversified products to enhance
company’s competitiveness through value-added innovation and optimized product combinations.


Circular Economy & Facilitating Green Energy and Low Carbon

The Global Risks Report 2020 released at the World Economic Forum(WEF) in Davos pointed out the past 5 years are

the warmest years in the history and natural disasters will become more frequently and more severely. Members

of WEF opinioned that the environmental concern dominated the long-term global risks for the first time in the

history and the five major global risks in the next 10 years in Global Risks Report are all related to the environmental

issues. Global risks, such as extreme weather events, failure in the measures for alleviating and adapting climate

change, server natural disasters, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, human-made environment disasters,

were considered as the most likelihood of occurrence which could cause severe impact. “The political situation is

differentiating; the sea level is rising; and huge fire is burning due to climate change. This is a year that all the world

leaders shall make joint efforts with all sectors of the community to repair and restore the collaboration system.” said

the president of WEF. International society has to respond faster to avoid the worst and irreversible impact brought by climate change. Being one of global citizens, SAS is obligated to devote its efforts in these matters to continue

promoting the reduction of greenhouse gases in respond of the theme of “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and

Sustainable World” in Davos Forum despite that our strength is tiny and we have been through market downturn

during the past year.

During recent years, SAS has obtained good performance for its autonomous energy conservation improvement

measures. In 2019, power savings amounted to 1,810,000 kWh. Further still, with regards to solar energy plant

deployment, SAS’ subsidiary, Sunrise World PV Co (Sunrise World PV Co was incorporated into SAS on 2019.12.12

and changed its name to SAS Sunrise Branch on 2020.1.3.) is fully committed to the Taiwan market and actively

conducting solar energy plants investments and construction projects for the rooftop, ground-mounted and floating 

solar power plants, while introducing the gravitation water vortex solar power generation system to lower the water 

surface temperature and drastically enhance the power generation efficiency of the solar energy panel. In 2019, in our 

solar energy generation system, the total installation for grid-tie operation reached approx. 17MW, expected to reduce 

the CO2 emission by 6,071 metric tons per year. Since the start (2014) up to end of 2019, the offshore and domestic 

installation for grid-tie operation reached approx. 111MW, expected to cut the CO2 emission by 75,510 metric tons per 

year. In 2019, SAS teamed up with its subsidiary, SAS Sunrise Branch, in the construction of compound energy system 

on the rooftops of the Chunan Plant that integrated the 99kW self-weight photovoltaic solar system, 100 kW/350 kWh 

power storage system, 600 kW adjustable gridtie power generators. SAS has also switched to micro-grid systems inside 

the plant. The subsystem installations were completed by Q2 this year. Up to the end of 2019, the cumulative total 

power generation has reached 75,168 kWh with approximate a total of 40 tons reduction in carbon dioxide emission. 

Moreover, this power generation system simultaneously blending the energy storage device development and 

integrating it to the energy management system platform in response to the future market demand for power storage 

management. Furthermore, the business group of SAS’ subsidiary, SAS Sunrise Branch collaborated with Sunrise PV 

Five Co., Ltd., won the 6th Solar System Award for excellent medium and large solar system held by Bureau of Energy,

Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2019. This system of SAS Sunrise Branch was located at Chiayi Dongshi, Budai and other

strata subsidence agricultural land areas unfavorable for agricultural cultivation. Over 4.3 MW large floor-type 

photovoltaic solar system was built to effectively activate land resources and create diversified value of green energy. 

Obtaining the Solar System Award is the joint achievement of professional technology from the SAS solar business 

team. Regarding the future, SAS will continue to respond to global low-carbon and green energy trend, build more high-quality solar power plant, enhance energy safety and create green economy to make efforts for sustainable 

environment protection in Taiwan and even in the world.

Employee Care and Public Cause

SAS value its employees, embraces the commitment of respecting employees, fulfilling the spirit of people-centered
as well as well-caring employees and complying with the labor regulations from the government. SAS construct sound 

remuneration and welfare system, provide friendly workplace, guarantee employees’ work safety, value employees’ 

professional development, plan diverse training courses and upgrade employees’ skills and know-how. Meanwhile, SAS 

also care about employees’ work-life balance. With all efforts, SAS hope to build a blissful healthy workplace and continue to pursue excellence together with our employees, in face of fiercely challenging global competition. In terms of social 

welfare, SAS embraces a spirit of giving back to society and has been proactive in participating in all kind of philanthropic activities. SAS lead employees to care about disadvantaged groups hoping that we can lead by example and spread love in a bid to fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen, implement various practical actions and performances of 

corporate social responsibilities and show our determination to achieving sustainable management goals.

SAS has been consistently focusing and cultivating in line with our management philosophy, while 2020 has been a year 

full of uncertainties and challenges and the COVID-19 outbreak has increased several uncertain factors to the market 

environment. Nonetheless SAS forges ahead with innovative R&D, costs reduction and building momentum and 

competence. We are confident in the resource integration for solar energy and semiconductor in our global layout, 

hoping to continue enhancing management performances stably, create another record for business performances and 

achieve in becoming a green enterprise with sustainable development and stable increases in revenues and profits.

We exist for excellent corporate governance and focus on social responsibility. SAS will adhere to our vision, exert all 

efforts, and fulfill our commitment in friendly workplaces, environmental protection and social concern. Our goal is to 

become a green enterprise with sustainable development and stable increases in revenues and profits.

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