High Efficiency and Quality

SAS provides many solar panel solutions for customer requests and different environments. Our solar panel soluations have high efficiency and quality due to SAS solar cells are in used, the most important electricity generating component in solar panel. The solar panels which using SAS cell achieve efficiency higher than 18.5% and also certify by IEC 61215:2016, IEC 61730-1:2016 and IEC 61730-2:2016 etc..

Solutions variety and profession

SAS provides a great variety of solar panel solutions for customer to select. For different environments, we have normal standard, anti-humidity and anti-salt ,three types of solar panel. For different power requests, in addition to the standard (60 & 72 cell) solar panel, we also provides half-cutting(120 & 144 cell) and dual-electricity generation (Bifacial cell) solar panels. As mentioned above, SAS is the best and most profession solar panel solution provider because of a various production and selection

Solar panels schematic diagram and power output

Solar panel typeSolar cell numberSolar cell typeCell G1 Size (158.75*158.75mm) PowerCell M6 Size (166.00*166.00mm) Power
Stardand60Mono PERC325~340W345~365W
72Mono PERC390~405W410~440W
Half-cutting120Mono PERC330~345W355~375W
144Mono PERC395~415W425~455W
Dual-electricity generation 60Mono Bifacial PERC320~330W -
120Mono Bifacial PERC - 350~370W