Solar Power Plant

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS) Hsu-Hsin Branch is a world-class Solar PV Systems company with Investments, Solar Project Developments, and Operations and Maintenance activities in different parts of the world.  To handle and manage these activities, SAS Hsu-Hsin Branch has created an international EPC team and an advanced maintenance team for all of its different projects.  Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. Hsu-Hsin Branch has the vision of decreasing and minimizing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of Solar Energy.  Also related to this goal, SAS Hsu-Hsin Branch has developed various off-grid solar applications and used efficient Solar PV Systems as a green solution to the energy crisis being faced in different parts of the world.  Ultimately, SAS aims to create a cleaner and  safer environment for all the people in the world.
Sino American Silicon Group (SAS Group) is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of Ingot, Solar Cells and Solar Modules. To enhance the total value and to create the greatest profit for the Group, SAS has implemented the vertical integration of its internal supply chain, thus becoming a solar system integrator.  SAS has focused on being a complete solution provider up to the operation and maintenance stage of the Solar Supply Chain in order to increase the investment return for its companies and partners. SAS Sunrise Inc., founded at the end of 2015, was officially integrated into its parent company SAS Group in January of 2020 and named Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. Hsu-Hsin Branch . Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. Hsu-Hsin Branch continues to devote its efforts in the Solar PV industry, actively working with international Solar EPC companies to form partnerships, to construct more Solar PV Systems around the world, and to become a world class Solar PV Systems Company.  SAS Hsu-Hsin Branch’s goal is to be able to play an important role in solar green energy industry globally and to devote ourselves as a member of world citizen.
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